HiFiMAN (then Head-Direct) was responsible for the surge of interest in orthodynamic headphones when they launched their HE-5 headphone a few years ago. Since then, we have had the pleasure of testing their HE-400, HE-500, and HE-6 headphones which all featured orthodynamic drivers. The HIFIMAN HE-400i usually goes for $650 on Amazon. Summit has it for $349 w/ free shipping. Retrouvez ici tous les produits HiFiMAN 2020. Fondée par le Dr Fang Bian à New York en 2006, la société HiFiMAN se fait connaître comme un sérieux fabricant de lecteurs audio portables en 2009 avec le HiFiMAN HM-801. Premier lecteur audio MP3 audiophile de la firme américaine, ce dernier marque les esprits par ses performances audio ...

Jun 05, 2014 · The stock cable will see an update and according to the press release will contain “crystalline copper and crystalline silver“, very fancy. The final update is the price however, which will $899. The HE-560 will be available sometime this month. The other ‘phone getting a facelift is the HE-400. Auriculares HIFIMAN HE400i Con los HE-400i HIFIMAN ha creado unos auriculares completamente nuevos tanto en sonido como en ergonomía. Vienen a reemplazar a su popular modelo HE-400 y sin duda los nuevos HE-400i significan un salto de calidad en los auriculares ortodinámicos "de acceso". Yes, you read that right. HiFiMAN, in their continuing quest to rule the headphone universe has done something rather extraordinary. They have brought to market a real-deal planar magnetic, open back headphones at a very affordable price point. HiFiMan HE-400i Headphones The HiFiMan HE-400i is a full-size planar magnetic headphone intended for high performance listening in the home or studio. The HE-400i is 30% lighter than comparable headphones allowing the listener to comfortably enjoy music for hours on end with minimal listener fatigue.

Jan 02, 2016 · A quick look at the inner workings of the HiFiMan HE400i planar magnetic headphones. Stills: http://bradshacks.com/he400i-teardown/ Seguimos con los cables no pitufos/esotéricos para todos los bolsillos. En este caso mi recomendación es un cable para los Hifiman HE-400i/400s y Sennheiser HD700. Buy NEW NEOMUSICIA Replacement Cable Compatible with Hifiman HE400S, HE-400I, HE-400i(2.5mm plug Version), HE560, HE-350, HE1000, HE1000 V2 Headphone 3.5mm / 6.35mm to Dual 2.5mm Jack Male Cord 3meter/9ft: Extension Cords - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases HiFiMAN RE-400 Warterline High Performance IEMs HiFi Grade Inner-Ear EarphonesDescriptionThe RE-400 Waterline by HiFiMAN is a premium quality, high-performance In-Ear Monitor (IEM) that sets the standard for others to follow. Featuring advanced ergonomics for superb fit and premium materials hifiman he-400i - compare prices at BuyCheapr.com. help Get an extra three-month extended warranty by registering your products on our official website.; 30% lighter than comparable headphones; Newly-designed headband with an improved pressure pattern; The FocusPad, new beveled hybrid ear pads made of pleather and velour; Intended for high performance listening in the home or studio heart

Bought it new over a year ago at minidiscau. ( 23/05/2018 ) I need funds for the DAC AMP combo or DAC alone and AMP alone. Preferably come listen and pick up. It come with Aftermarket cable which is Canare cable made in japan with 6.35mm Neutrik connector. Headphone was made in China and QC passed at 26-04-2018. HiFiMAN is one of the few brands to push the envelope when it comes to the development of high-performance planar magnetic headphones. Today, we will take a good, hard look at the HE-400i. Many thanks to samma3a.com for providing me with a Hifiman HE-560 to review. Hifiman is a relatively young producer of audio gear. The company was started by Dr. Fang Bian in 2005 and started selling under the HiFiMAN brand since 2007. The company was founded in New York, USA, but moved the head quarter to … Dec 10, 2015 · Coupled with a less fatiguing sound, the 400i's a very easy to wear. The gaudy cable that comes with the 400s is comically long and heavy, it cant help the 400 when it comes to comfort. Overall: Purchased for $395USD from Razordog, the improvements in comfort alone is almost worth the gap in price over used HE-400s (~$225-250). The cleaner mids ... The HE-300 is the first and only full-size dynamic—i.e. not planar-magnetic—headphone model from the American company HifiMan. Founded by Fang Bian in 2007, the company has direct links to China as the country of his ancestors where his products are manufactured (and some like the headphones also designed). HiFiMAN is one of the few brands to push the envelope when it comes to the development of high-performance planar magnetic headphones. Today, we will take a good, hard look at the HE-400i.

HifiMan HE-400 are Ear-Cup (Over the Ear) Headband headphones that deliver great listening experience. The frequency range covered by the model is 20 Hz - 35 kHz. With 35 ohms impedance level and 92.5 dB sensitivity, this pair of blue headphones produces authentic sound. In addition, the wired model comes with a cord which is 10 ft long.

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Malgré sa sensibilité relativement faible par rapport au HiFiMAN HE-400, le casque HiFiMAN HE-500 demeure pilotable par la sortie casque d'un ampli hi-fi ou d'une platine CD, voire d'un lecteur nomade, même si l'utilisation d'un ampli casque dédié est chaudement recommandée pour exploiter tout le potentiel de ce superbe casque audiophile. HiFiMan HE-400: Incredible Planar Magnet Sound With 92.5db efficiency, HiFiMan HE-400 Headphones can be driven by virtually anything (including an iPod). The familiar HiFiMan sonic signature provides a very detailed yet warm listening experience.

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HiFiMAN has been known for producing some very well regarded planar magnetic headphones, like the HE-6, but up until now, those reference headphones required a lot of power. Carrying around a decent amp attached to a portable player isn’t desirable, so Fang set out to develop a more efficient planar driver and his result is the HE-400. Hifiman HE-400S, entra en la gama Hifiman por la puerta grande Los auriculares de alta fidelidad Hifiman HE400S son la apuesta de Hifiman para romper esquemas y abrir las puertas para una nueva era de tecnología magnetoplanar. En Hifiman han utilizado toda la experiencia y conocimientos obtenidos con los modelos más avanzados, como el Hifiman HE-1000, y la han aplicado para conseguir crear ... Aug 01, 2014 · Finally, everyone who knows HiFiMAN knows I am crazy about using the best cables possible as it is one of the easiest ways to improve the sound of a headphone. For HE-400i, I chose a special cable made of crystalline copper and crystalline. You know, as successful as we were with HE-400, I am quite excited about the potential for HE-400i ...